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November 16th 2009!!

Hey Guys!

It's been FOREVER since I've blogged on this! Woww! haha.
So the plan for todays blog is just a mini update:) You never know where that'll lead to lol

L i F E . . .
So almost a month ago me and my boyfriend (1st one) broke up and I'm okay! I think I might actually like someone else so:) Also just an update indoor track season starts soon and then badminton in the spring!! Me and my friends are getting ready for Christmas and taking a trip downtown over thanks giving break to see the windows on the main shopping areas so that should be fun.

S T Y L E . . .
Lately I've been wearing my aberombie emma fit size 00 short jeans and they fit my short but, curvy legs amazingly! Literally theses were SO worth the money! I'll give you guys a mini haul: So yesterday I went to TJMAXX and got; Purple low top converse, a junk food tee, a striped boat neck aerie top, and a white boyfriend american eagle cardigan, I also got an orange plaid hat that I absolutely love and it keeps my ears super warm!

M U S I C . . .
I really love the song Hey, Soul Sister by Train right now! It's probably just a day thing because its gonna get overplayed pretty soon but, it's literally been stuck in my head ALL DAY.

1. Hey, Soul Sister by Train
2. Say Anything Else by Cartel
3. Tik Tok by Keisha
4. Love Me by JUSTIN BIEBER!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 8th.

And she's got the curse of curve's. 

M y L i f e.
time:3:05 pm
Song: The Curse of Curves.
Book: Speak by Laurie Anderson
Waiting For:A friend to call.
Thinking about: Him ♥

H o l a a a 

Sooo. Well to start this little bloggy I'll tell you about my night and morning. Last night I was up until like 3 am working on my god damn summer reading project. [curse all teachers who think this is a good idea to hell] and then when I FINALLY got to sleep I slept until about 9 am when my mom called me to wake me up. Urgh. Then I made french toast which ended up pretty well and washed the dishes. I straightened my hair and got dressed blah blah blah blah and now I'm waiting for a phone call. yay.

F a s h i o n . . . . 
My current fashion love interest are Marc Jacob's flats. They blow my mind. My favorite pairs are  the pink jelly ones and a pair of blue ones with a small detail up front. My current fashion statement [since i'm a poor little skank...not really but, still.] is pairing tee's from sports teams I've been on with jeans and shorts. It makes a cute sporty look when you add a bow to your ponytail or clip. 

M u s i c . . . . 
I am falling in love with love songs. Pictures of you is such a cute song with some great piano and lyrics. I am also happy to say I have finally found one Jonas Brother's song that I actually like out of their whole Disney wannabe rockstar album. Love Bug is a great song and the beat is impossible not to love. 

L i t e r a t u r e . . . . 
Right now I'm reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It's for my school project but, the book is actually pretty good. I read it once it sixth grade so I already know the ending which kinda kills but, whateva. I'm really excited for the next book in the Vampire Academy Series because the first 3 were really good.

Well I've got to go pick up the phone because people don't know you're supposed to all a persons god damn cell phone so have  a nice day everyone! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd

"If I sing you a song will you stay with me forever?"

"No I wont"

M Y L I F E :
Song: Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low.
Hair: Straight.
Make up: Gloss, Mascara, Cover up.
Clothes: Plaid Short Shorts and an Aqua Tank.

Good Afternoon my loves!

La la laaa la la. 
I'm graduating from the eighth grade tonight. Are you excited because I know I am.... even though you're probably not. Talk about upsetting....

F a s h i o n . . . .
I am so in love with tank tops right now. They can be dressed up or worn casually. For daily use I love pairing two bright colors together with jean shorts a bikini top under and sunglasses. If I want to dress it up I'll pick a cream tank with lace on the edges and add a cardigan or cute jacket on the top with dark wash jeans and ankle boots or flats.

M u s i c . . . .
Have you heard of The Maine? If you haven't you should really look them up. I personally love the song "The Way We Talk" it is truly one of my favorite new songs. I also love the song "My Beautiful Rescue" By This Providence. It's quick and edgy and really has a lot of meaning. 

L i t e r a t u r e . . . . 
I just finished the book Bleached Blondes. It was a really cute novel and a great summer read. I do have one thing to say. This book is very large at about 750 pages. Their is also a second novel in the collection based on Summer's [main character] next summer in the Florida Keys along with Diana, Marqez, Diver, Seth and many other new friends. I definitely recommend both books in the collection.

Well I better start getting ready so hope these reviews and tips were helpful. Also make sure to check out my polyvore account miss hello. 

ta ta for now!

Monday, May 25, 2009

5 I 25 I 09

9:54 pm

M Y L I F E :
Song:Fond Farwell by Elliot Smith
Hair: Down and Wet.
Make up: None
Clothes: Jogging pants and a tank

I think of him often but, he never even see's me. 

T o d a y :

I went shopping and got...
 -Black Wayfarers 
 -Gray V-neck
 -Silver Layered Necklace
 -Black Ruffled Lace Dress
 -Bathing Suit
 -Nail Polish
 -Three New Shampoo's by John Frieda 

Then I finished reading my current book :
13 little blue envelopes.

I want to travel the world one day. 
Screw staying in America forever. 

With Love
That Girl You Never Met. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I dream of being with you. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's about...10:05 pm. 

Normal thirteen year old girls might be in bed right now. Not me. It's raining. I can see the lightening. Literally. I love thunder storms. They're one of the best things about summer coming. 

I have to read this speech in front of my whole school. I have to do it in like a week and did I mention my baby pictures will be shown behind me? Yeah, talk about nerve-racking. 

Just made a real life set on polyvore. It's okay and I really like the outfit. I think it fits my style well. Oh god. That sounds so cheesy.

I am so sick of everyone in my family. Especially at night. Don't ask why please and thanks.

Now I'm craving Cheese Itz. Did I spell that right? w.e

Night My Loves.