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Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16th 2009!!

Hey Guys!

It's been FOREVER since I've blogged on this! Woww! haha.
So the plan for todays blog is just a mini update:) You never know where that'll lead to lol

L i F E . . .
So almost a month ago me and my boyfriend (1st one) broke up and I'm okay! I think I might actually like someone else so:) Also just an update indoor track season starts soon and then badminton in the spring!! Me and my friends are getting ready for Christmas and taking a trip downtown over thanks giving break to see the windows on the main shopping areas so that should be fun.

S T Y L E . . .
Lately I've been wearing my aberombie emma fit size 00 short jeans and they fit my short but, curvy legs amazingly! Literally theses were SO worth the money! I'll give you guys a mini haul: So yesterday I went to TJMAXX and got; Purple low top converse, a junk food tee, a striped boat neck aerie top, and a white boyfriend american eagle cardigan, I also got an orange plaid hat that I absolutely love and it keeps my ears super warm!

M U S I C . . .
I really love the song Hey, Soul Sister by Train right now! It's probably just a day thing because its gonna get overplayed pretty soon but, it's literally been stuck in my head ALL DAY.

1. Hey, Soul Sister by Train
2. Say Anything Else by Cartel
3. Tik Tok by Keisha
4. Love Me by JUSTIN BIEBER!

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