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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's about...10:05 pm. 

Normal thirteen year old girls might be in bed right now. Not me. It's raining. I can see the lightening. Literally. I love thunder storms. They're one of the best things about summer coming. 

I have to read this speech in front of my whole school. I have to do it in like a week and did I mention my baby pictures will be shown behind me? Yeah, talk about nerve-racking. 

Just made a real life set on polyvore. It's okay and I really like the outfit. I think it fits my style well. Oh god. That sounds so cheesy.

I am so sick of everyone in my family. Especially at night. Don't ask why please and thanks.

Now I'm craving Cheese Itz. Did I spell that right? w.e

Night My Loves.


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  1. now i am craving cheese itz. thanks a lot :)